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Based on the need of the global farmer Vitfoss contributes to value-creating solutions through individual customised farm mixtures for the animal production.

Since 1930, Vitfoss has worked on special products for animals. The products are developed on specialist and practical knowledge ensuring a high quality and documented effect.

In many cases, a generic feed strategy is not sufficient because of the numerous external influences affecting a modern production. Vitfoss has great experience with the so-called specific performance enhancers that typical can be mixed into the individual mineral compound.

The overall goal with our service is that our customers obtain optimum productivity at the best possible price.

Landmand Vitfoss

Fibermax has a good dietetic effect stabilising problems with diarrhoea and thus strengthening the immune system. The calves are stronger, more vital and they tolerate more milk, all factors that are providing a higher gain.

Fibermax consists of a special combination of different dietary fibres affecting the amount and composition of the intestinal bacteria. Fibermax contains citric acids having an antibacterial effect in the intestines of the calves. The content of natural omega 3 and 6 fatty acids strengthens the immune system of the calf. This combination prevents diarrhoea and is a major factor in obtaining a strong calf with a high feed conversion. The effect by using Fibermax:

  • Increased growth
  • Fewer problems with diarrhoea
  • Can be used in milk replacers, nonsaleable milk/whole milk or colostrum
  • Improved feed conversion
  • The calf tolerates more milk
  • Can be used in the whole milk feeding period 




More milk and fewer cases of disease!

X-Zelit is a very effective product for reduction of milk fever providing higher yield and lower somatic cell count and at the same time improving health.

Cows having suffered from clinical or subclinical milk fever are having a lower yield and they are far more susceptible towards a large number of diseases. This is due to a decline in the muscle function, but also to a weakened immune system in general.

Fewer cases of:

  • Milk fever
  • Ketosis
  • Calving problems
  • Retained placenta    
  • Metritis 

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