Feed products for calves

Ideal feeding of heifer calves ensures an adequate supply of replacements for dairy cows.

Bull calves are often sold to specialised producers and, in this respect, it is important that these animals get off to a good start and that they can be moved without difficulty to a different herd.

A sufficient supply of quality milk is essential for a good start. This is also, why Vitfoss provides a wide selection of milk replacers.

Diarrhoea can be a big problem in herds. Different measures can be used to strengthen calves. Fibermax strengthens the intestinal flora of the calf’s gastrointestinal tract and minimises the risk of diarrhoea, which is also evidenced by higher growth.

Maintaining a correct balance of electrolytes is important for reducing diarrhoea. It is particularly important to maintain the balance of electrolytes when the animals are moved or confronted with other stress-inducing factors. Dialyt is often used to restore the fluid balance and provides an energy supplement at the same time.

Immunomax is another alternative for improving the calf’s immune response. Adding specific antibodies strengthens the calf’s intestinal resistance to foreign bacteria.