A feed additive for optimising the cow’s supply of protein

ProtiSpar is a combination of essential oils that affects the bacterial metabolism of protein in the rumen.
Protein breakdown in the rumen is influenced by several factors. These include the digestibility of the individual sources of protein and the composition of the combined feed ration. The bacterial breakdown of protein in the rumen is more intense in rations with a high concentration of starch, which can be digested in the rumen than in rations with a high fibre content.

The bacterial breakdown of proteins can be reduced by choosing feeds with low protein breakdown or by using essential oils. Many essential oils have anti-microbial properties. The properties of the individual oil depend on the quality and quantity of the main ingredient.

ProtiSpar is a patented combination of a number of essential oils, which:

  • reduce the breakdown of proteins in the rumen
  • do not affect the ruminal conversion of volatile acids (acetate, propionate and butyrate)
  • do not have a negative effect on lactation

ProtiSpar has the following benefits:

  • optimises the economy of the protein supply
  • corrects a negative balance of energy and maintains good health and reproduction