Natural vitamin E

Why choose natural vitamin E?

Natural vitamin E is d-alpha tocopherol extracted from soybean oil

Specific effect

  • Synthetic vitamin E is made up of eight different substances of different biological value
  • Natural vitamin E is made exclusively of d-alpha tocopherol, which is the vitamin E of highest biological value. This means greater utilisation of vitamin E and thus, all other factors being equal, a stronger immune response.
  • Having a strong immune response prevents all illness and is therefore a prerequisite for high lactation/milk yields

Possibilities of positive yields

  • Prevents digital dermatitis
  • Lowers cell counts
  • Prevents mastitis
  • Prevents retained placenta
  • Improves reproduction
  • Enhances the immune response
  • Reduces veterinarian costs
  • Higher milk yields: a healthy cow produces more milk than a cow that is not at its best


  • Natural vitamin E
  • Suplex d-alpha E-50000/Selenium

Recommended ration

  • 1,500–2,500 mg of natural vitamin E per cow per day during the dry/resting period and 500 mg during lactation
  • 30–50 g of Suplex d-alpha E-50000/Selenium per cow per day during the dry/resting period and 10 g during lactation

Rationing options

  • Administer natural vitamin E by means of a mineral compound