Organic selenium

What is organic selenium?

Organic selenium is selenium that is bound to the amino acids methionine and cysteine.

Specific effect

  • Organic selenium is absorbed 20% better than inorganic selenium
  • Organic selenium follows the organism’s conversion of methionine and cysteine. This means higher content in milk and muscle tissue.
  • The content of selenium is deposited in the muscular tissue and is released over time.

Possibilities of positive yields

  • Lowers cell counts
  • Prevents mastitis
  • Prevents retained placenta
  • Improves reproduction
  • Doubles the selenium content in milk and colostrum
  • Enhances the immune response
  • Reduces veterinarian costs
  • Improves production efficiency


  • Organic selenium
  • Suplex Organic Selenium
  • Recommended ration
  • 1–4 mg of organic selenium per cow per day
  • Alternatively, a ration of 50% organic selenium and 50% inorganic selenium is advisable 

Rationing options

  • Administer organic selenium by means of a mineral compound
  • Suplex Organic Selenium can be administered as a top dressing or directly mixed into a feed compound