Improve hoof health with Agron

Hoof disorders in dairy-cattle herds are a major financial and animal-welfare challenge for cattle farmers, and the problems intensify as increasing numbers of cattle have dirty, wet hoofs in loose-yard cowsheds, typically on a concrete foundation.

“Dry and clean hoofs” is key advice for preventing hoof problems. 

The Agron series includes a number of unique products aimed at improving hoof health.

Green Agron 

A powder, which can be dissolved in a footbath to improve hoof health significantly.

New improved quality! 

We have improved certain ingredients in the product for varieties with a lower moisture content. As a result, Green Agron is now more granulated and has a faint reddish hue. Neither the dissolution procedure, use, price nor effect of Green Agron has been changed because of this improvement.

Agron for organic farming

The same properties as Green Agron but comprising other ingredients that permit its use in organic herds.


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