Equsana products

Health is a keyword

The Latin translation of Equsana is “healthy horse”, and health is notably a keyword for Equsana. Ever since Equsana was introduced as DLG’s aggregate equine feed brand in 2012, we have been continuously developing and adapting our wide product range to ensure that we are always capable of providing the most up-to-date products in terms of the daily needs of our horses.

Our objective is to continue to be able to provide all types of equestrians with quality products at reasonable prices. This means that we are constantly challenging ourselves in terms of how we, as suppliers of Denmark’s equestrians, can become even better and make life as a horse-owner even easier.

And this is still the aim of all Equsana products: to develop the best products possible by focusing on health and technical quality where providing guidance and advice to our customers comprises one of our core areas of expertise.

With a combined product range of far more than 70 products, which include feed, supplements, care products and bedding for horses, we have the possibility of serving equestrians at any level.


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