Success® Ammonium Chloride (NH4Cl)

- for lowering the pH level of feed and preventing bladder stones (vesical calculi)

Many mink farmers are familiar with the problem of death caused by bladder-stone formation, usually prevalent among large fat males. Bladder stones arise due to an abnormally high pH value in feed, and lowering the pH value mitigates the problem. One way of doing this is by adding ammonium chloride (NH4Cl) to feed. Vitfoss provides a liquid product - Success Ammonium Chloride – that has a neutral taste and is easy to stir into feed.

Facts about bladder stones
Bladder stones are created when the pH value of urine exceeds 6.4. Bladder stones are caused by the composition of the feed, fluid balance and genetic factors. If the feed has a high pH value, bladder stones will form. The pH value of feed increases the higher the content of vegetable protein and grain products. Animal protein reduces the pH value. Some mink are genetically predisposed to form bladder stones, which explains why this is a problem on some farms year after year - and why prevention is a good idea.

Flydende AmmoniumcloridFacts about Success Ammonium Chloride
In the event of recurring problems on the farm, add Success Ammonium Chloride to the diet.


  1. Add 5 litres per tonne of feed from 1st of July and 6 week onwards.
  2. Make sure that the pH-value of the feed is around 5.2 – 5.6

The product is available in both 15-litre containers and pallet tanks containing 500 or 1,000 litres.