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Vilofoss presents the X-Zelit posters presented at the ADSA Meeting 2018
New scientific results on preventing hypocalcemia in dairy cows using X-Zelit product were be presented at the ADSA Annual meeting Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.
Win a trip to study the US dairy industry with Vitfoss
Would you like a chance to join the ‘Three-Truck-Trip®’ 2018 in September this year?
Dialyt Express – efficient, easy and practical new solution
Stabilises the balance of fluids and electrolytes to support the physiological digestion.
Stalosan Doubles Production Output with Brand New Production Line
Stalosan, the best known Vilofoss brand internationally, continues making headway and is now marketed through distributors in more than 50 countries all over the world.
Vilofoss will be present at ADSA, June 24-27
New scientific results on preventing hypocalcemia in dairy cows using X-Zelit product will be presented at the ADSA next week at Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.
Dry acid saves working hours
By KLAUS ERIKSEN, technical journalist at Bovi
Watch the Webinar: New Dietary Approaches to Manage Hypocalcemia in Transition Cows
by Dr. Tom Overton, Professor of Dairy Management, Cornell University
Free Webinar: New Dietary Approaches to Manage Hypocalcemia in Transition Cows
Dr. Tom Overton from Cornell University will present the webinar, on April 12 at 12:30 pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). The webinar is free and registration is not required.
The use of toxin binders has gained a foothold
A wet harvest imposes strict requirements on crop storage to prevent the growth of yeast and fungi, which can increase the risk of mycotoxin growth, according to Jacob Dall, Technical Manager, Pig Nutrition, Vitfoss/Vilofoss.
SeoFoss perform well again
SeoFoss shows impressive results in homogeneity, smell and ammonia binding.
X-Zelit increases fertility and reduces number of empty days
A new study from Cornell University showed that cows supplemented with X-Zelit in the dry period were getting pregnant faster.
See the advantages of Stalosan F
Stalosan F is the most well-documented dry disinfectant on the market.
A new trial at Cornell University shows low subclinical hypocalcemia levels in dairy cows supplemented with a calcium binder. 08/11/2017
New strong cooperation of Danish companies creates an international focal point in Herning
14 Danish producers within the pig industry have chosen to think outside the box and to be creative by establishment the Danish Pig Academy.
FreshFoss TMR
Heat reduces energy in the feed ration
New recruitments in Vilofoss Poultry Group
In order to optimise the efforts on poultry, both professionally and commercially, we have employed two new regional poultry technical managers:
DLG and Brødr. Ewers join forces on vitamin efforts in China
Brødr. Ewers A/S acquires a stake in DLG's recently opened premix and nutrition plant in China. The cooperation will strengthen the marketing of Danish pig feed solutions in China
The Vilofoss Group strengthens senior management
Bøje Kjær becomes new CEO of Vitfoss Denmark. Jacob Holm continues as CEO of the entire Vilofoss Group
Klaus Andersen is new International Sales Director in Vitfoss
Klaus Andersen is a new International Sales Director in Vitfoss, part of the Vilofoss Group. With his in-depth knowledge of agriculture and business development, he will further expand Vilofoss' global potential
Plant extracts combat diseases
Vitfoss is focusing on parasites and its recent initiatives include formulating a product made of plant extracts to fight coccidiosis and cryptosporidia.
Stalosan F disinfectant launched in Vietnam 30/05/2017
SEGES trial: SeoFoss performs well once more
A new trial from SEGES has shown that SeoFoss performs well compared to other slurry handling products on the market.
Is it time to ditch the negative DCAD pre-fresh ration?
Anywhere from 50 – 80% of dairy herds in North America are utilizing the negative DCAD pre-fresh ration to some extent. But why? By Protekta
Polish farmers show great interest in Vilofoss solutions
There was plenty of professional interest when Vilofoss Poland held two road shows in Warsaw and Lodz on a large range of topic ranging from nutrition to animal welfare and health.
Stalosan F efficacy against Avian Influenza virus H9N2
Plamen Nikolov DVM, Stalosan Product Manager at Vitfoss A/S
As part of biosecurity Stalosan F is able to reduce antibiotic treatments
By Plamen Nikolov, Product Manager at Vitfoss
Vitfoss/Vilofoss presents a new e-product catalogue
Vitfoss/Vilofoss is now ready to roll out a new, digital product catalogue. The product catalogue provides each farmer with rapid access to the entire product range from his/her mobile phone, tablet and computer.
Stalosan boosts its efforts in the Balkans and North America
Stalosan is now boosting its efforts by fielding two new regional teams: one in Bulgaria and the other in the US. The goal is to improve the feedback and service provided in the Balkan States and North America, respectively.
DLG’s Vilofoss grows on Premix & new Nutrition markets
The Vilofoss Group achieved satisfactory results on par with 2015 created on the main markets of Scandinavia, Germany and France, as well as advances in Eastern Europe. A large international setup with a total of 14 factories brings a high level of confidence in future growth both in Europe and beyond.
Tackling coccidia and cryptosporida
Source: British Dairying
Another prize for X-Zelit at World AG EXPO 29/01/2017
Stalosan and Poultry Biosecurity
By Ivan Gospodinov, DVM, Vitfoss, Denmark
Stalosan F is able to reduce the need for antibiotics
by Jan Storgaard, Biochemist at Vitfoss
Stalosan reduces mortality significantly in the farrowing unit
The newborn piglet is challenged in many ways. It has to keep warm, find food and keep bacteria away. These particular challenges are the reason why piglets are not surviving or getting off to a bad start.
Helping young ruminants in the fight against parasites
By Per Theilgaard, ruminant technical manager, Vitfoss/Vilofoss,
EuroTier 2016 product Information
Once again, Vilofoss is among the 2,529 exhibitors, participating at the world's leading trade fair for animal production. We have gathered a group consisting of skilled professionals, veterinarians and advisors, and we are all ready with tailored advice for your farm and business. Find us in hall 21, stand E24.
Changes in the ruminant technical team at Vitfoss
To strengthen the Vitfoss sales and technical team, we introduce the following changes in the organisation:
Video: SeoFoss for Pigs
Interview with Lizette
Video: SeoFoss for Cattles
Interview with Henrik
Stalosan F testimonial
Here is what Kate Norris, Teacher at Melbourne Department of Agriculture had to say about Stalosan F
Stalosan F powder VS pathogens
By Plamen Bochukov
Stalosan F efficacy trail in broiler breeders
By Plamen Bochukov
Stalosan Hoof spray
New unique approach to monitoring hoof disorders such as digital dermatitis
It pays off to implement the things we already know is working 19/09/2016
Weaning without additional zinc
by Jacob Dall, Technical Manager, Pig Nutrition
New grain requires a new feed regimen
by Jacob Dall, Technical Manager, Pig Nutrition
Johan Ocklind to head Fodermix
Fodermix changes its CEO on August 22 as current CEO, Henrik Fredericsson, steps down to focus on his business as a farmer and pig producer.
More milk and fewer cases of disease!
Meeting heifer 24 month target
Many factors contribute to achieving an age at first calving of 24 months for heifers. John Fish from Vitfoss highlights the importance of calf health and mineral nutrition.
Provides a good gut feeling
New SeoFoss slurry additive increases nitrogen binding and reduces odour
SeoFoss exhibits excellent results in terms of homogeneity, odour and ammonia-binding. The market’s finest particle size enables ideal slurry processing in both cattle and pig herds.
Clean hands saves lives
4 Steps: Hygiene, Wash, Disinfect and Care
Conference for Pig Farmers in Poland
More than 50 Polish farmers attended a technical seminar held by the international group, Vilofoss, in May 2016.
Experiments show that organic trace minerals have several beneficial effects in cows
by Per Theilgaard, ruminant technical manager,
X-Zelit throughout the dry period 25/09/2015
Invisible milk fever is costly
by Per Theilgaard
Low calcium levels in cows can be prevented 03/08/2015
New Research Farm In Denmark
A research farm gives the DLG Group the opportunity to test and to provide documentation - knowledge bringing benefits for our customers
Vitfoss at the scientist congress EAAP2014
By Kenneth P. Madsen, Vitfoss
X-Zelit awarded with Gold Medal
In February 2013 Vilofoss Polska took part in XIII International Cattle Farm Fair and XVI International Pig & Poultry Farm Fair, held in Łódź, Poland.
Weight monitoring improve pig farmers´ bottom line 11/06/2014
DairyBench measures the effect of new initiatives in your cattle herd 11/06/2014
Effect of Stalosan F powder application on the improvement of animal welfare in cattle stables.
Decrease in high somatic cell count (SCC), mastitis, locomotion score (digital dermatitis) and contagious diseases in calves.