Conference for Pig Farmers in Poland


More than 50 Polish farmers attended a technical seminar held by the international group, Vilofoss, in May 2016.

With focus on the requirements for the future efficient and profitable pig production, both technical and practical views were brought to attention. Chief nutritionist, Jacob Dall from Vitfoss Denmark, spoke about feed recommendations and had his presentations packed with the newest knowledge from around the world. His Danish colleague, swine nutritionist Bo Vedel Gormsen, has Danish farming at first-hand experience and knows, if any, how to use this knowledge in the pig production effectively.




However, to gain from the highly developed feeding programme and experiences, the farmers require a healthy production environment basis. Dr Karsten Dalby presented health determinants of profitability in pig farming, focusing on virus factors in fattening. He indicated ways of treatment and prevention against PRRS, PCV and SIV.




Stalosan Area Technical Manager, Chavdar Zemyarski, stressed the importance of keeping a good and hygienic environment for growing piglets. Maintaining a low level of disease transmission is the basis of the piglet’s ability for weight gain and feed intake. Using the right disinfectant will benefit both the pigs and the farm workers. It does not have to be difficult nor expensive, when used wisely. Ewa Długołęcka has gained her knowledge from the team of veterinarians behind the best-documented dry disinfectant Stalosan F from Stalosan Hygiene Solution.