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Once again, Vilofoss is among the 2,529 exhibitors, participating at the world's leading trade fair for animal production. We have gathered a group consisting of skilled professionals, veterinarians and advisors, and we are all ready with tailored advice for your farm and business. Find us in hall 21, stand E24.


Protispar - Dairy cows Cattle _vilofoss

New feeding trial results from neutral research institute in Germany, shows increased protein inflow in the small intestine and optimized efficiency in milk production.

  • Optimal protein supply in dairy cows
  • Increases the small intestine protein inflow
  • Optimizes cost-efficency in milk production 

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X-Zelit - Dairy cows  

X-Zelit eliminates the risk factor hypocalcaemia. Farmers reported X-Zelit had a positive effect on the general state of health among newly calved cows and cows in early lactation.

X-Zelit provides a perfect calcium balance around calving with a ROI 1:4. 

X Zelit Bag

Hypocalcaemia have a significantly increased risk of other diseases: 

  • 9-fold increase in the incidence of ketosis

  • 6 times more dystocia/calving difficulties

  • 4-fold increase in the incidence of left displaced abomasum

  • 4 times more cases of retained placenta 

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MilbArom® - Hens 

MilbArom® is an herbal additive for hens and protects them against the red fowl mite. Based on essential oils gets MilbArom® into the bloodstream and repels mites.

Natural protection from red mite.

  • Herbal additive based on essential oils
  • Get's into hens bloodstream and repels mites
  • Approved effect

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PECKStone - Poultry

Best pre-occupation material for poultry.

  • promotes activity and mobility
  • prevents feather-pecking and cannibalism
  • support natural attrition of the beakPeckstone -Poultry -10-kg

The selected composition and structure guarantees a high level of acceptance at the animals. Likewise the "PECKStone" gives the animals the possibility of an individual additional intake of Ca, Mg, Na and trace elements. 

Thus, a healthy metabolism is supported and also the bone structure and plumage is enhanced.

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Kani-Stopp - Pigs

Kani-Stopp is a new special feed which consists of metabolism-enchancing substances and a special combination of bioactive substances. Kani-Stopp stabilizes and calms down animals in stress situations.

  • calms down cannibals and avoids variation in productivity
  • reduces animal loss

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Vilo-Vital - Pigs

VILO-Vital supports immunesystem in order to prevent growth depressions and to improve recovery

  • supports immunesystem
  • higher feed intake increased feed utilization

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New Gnawing stick - Fattening pigs

Gnawing -stick -kaustange

Gnawing sticks are manipulable materials for pigs in order to prevent tail-biting.

The gnawing stick must be inserted in an adjustable wall mount. An increased consumption of the
 gnawing stick is an early indicator for starting tail-biting

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New SeoFoss slurry additive increases nitrogen binding and reduces odour.

SeoFoss exhibits excellent results in terms of homogeneity, odour and ammonia-binding. The market’s finest particle size enables ideal slurry processing in both cattle and pig herds. Seofoss Vitfoss

  • safe and easy slurry processing 
  • more homogeneous mass
  • binds nitrogen
  • reduces odour
  • eases workflows
  • floating layer on slurry tanks

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Stalosan Hygiene SolutionsStalosan F 15Kg Web

Stalosan F – Leading the way in biosecurity

Ensuring the livestock production against disease outbreaks is our most important task. An outbreak may have far-reaching consequences, which may be immense.

Stalosan F is part of this task but of course it cannot remedy or prevent everything by itself. Biosecurity planning and the use of Stalosan Hygiene Solution program can help securing the production.

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Meet our Vilofoss staff at EuroTier 2016

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