Stalosan F testimonial


Here is what Kate Norris, Teacher at Melbourne Department of Agriculture had to say about Stalosan F

"I just wanted to give some feedback on the Stalosan and how it's working for us so far.

Up until last week I've been using it at the prescribed rate of 50g/m2 twice a week, with amazing results. Last week I dropped it back to once a week, although it's early days yet, I'm seeing the same results.

Our steers are bedded down on straw, with fresh bedding applied to the pen on Tuesday and Friday, and I am also noticing that they are staying cleaner as well as they no longer have access to wet earth.

So far I am very pleased with the results, as are the rest of the staff on campus because they can't smell them all the way across the other side of the campus. It is very refreshing to walk into the barn and not be overwhelmed with the odour."


Kind regards

Kate Norris


Kate Norris B.AgSC (Melb), Dip Management, Dip Human Resouce management, Agriculture Teacher, Melbourne Polytechnic, School of Food, Plant & Animal Industries, Department of Agriculture and Animal Studies