New recruitments in Vilofoss Poultry Group


In order to optimise the efforts on poultry, both professionally and commercially, we have employed two new regional poultry technical managers:

Uwe Frackenpohl

Uwe FranckenpohlUwe is an agricultural engineer graduated from the University of Giesen in Germany and brings over 20 years of experience in poultry nutrition. He has been occupied with various positions with growing responsibility in the area of poultry nutrition – research and development, commercial poultry nutrition, technical service and product management in Germany as well as the larger region of Europe, Middle East and Africa. Uwe will bring into Vilofoss his experience gained from working for companies like Moorgut Kartzfehn, Cobb Europe, Miavit and Hybrid Turkeys (a Hendrix Genetics Company).

Uwe will join Vilofoss Poultry Group, effective from 19 June 2017.


Lars Pettersson

Lars PettersonLars graduated as a M.Sc. in Agriculture & Forestry from the Helsingfors university in Finland and since then for more than 35 years he has worked in the area of poultry nutrition. Working for several feed companies, the issues of developing good feed and maintaining excellent quality has been on the agenda most of the time for him. By living and working in five different countries on three continents, the interesting feature of seeing and understanding different cultures has been of great importance and joy for Lars and his family.
His latest position is with Svenska Foder (Sweden) as Product Manager Poultry and before that Lars was international product manager in DeHeus (The Netherlands).

Lars will join Vilofoss Poultry Group, effective from 1 May. Initially he will work 50% for Vilofoss and 50% for Svenska Foder until 1 September, when he will join Vilofoss fulltime.


Both Uwe and Lars will assume the role of a Regional Poultry Technical Manager, reporting to Vasil Stanev and providing support to all companies in the Vilofoss Group in regards to the poultry business.

We wish Uwe and Lars every kind of success in their new jobs.