New Research Farm In Denmark


A research farm gives the DLG Group the opportunity to test and to provide documentation - knowledge bringing benefits for our customers

In co-operation with one of our customers, Vitfoss has established a piglet research farm with piglets from weaning to approx. 30 kg. With this new opportunity, we follow the value of the DLG Group to be ambitious, value-creating and trustworthy.


  • The research facilities allow us continually to develop the best solutions
  • We create value for our customers
  • Results from this new research farm can provide documentation of our solutions with Danish animals, in Danish housing systems, with Danish management – and on a solid basis


“The purpose of these trials is an ongoing test of new raw materials, additives and concepts – all in order to improve productivity and to boost earnings for our customers in their piglet productions. From our facilities in France it is an opportunity we already are familiar with and know provides a value,” states Jacob Dall, Technical Manager Swine at Vitfoss.


Reliable data

Once a week all pigs in a pen are weighed and all data is gathered in GainMax. The research farm is equipped with a GainWeight, so that feed consumption can be recorded for all pens. In this way we can in approximate real-time study how the pigs perform (e.g. increasing weight) during the complete growing period and in particular when there are potentials for improvement. Thus, we are having the feeding strategy tested as well. The first batch of piglets was introduced about 3 weeks ago, and the piglets have shifted from the first to the second phase of the three feeding phases in total. This first trial is con - ducted as a simple test, where the primary purpose is to test our set-up, the procedures and the technics. The next trial is planned to be a regular trial, where we are going to test our latest concept for weaning of pigs without use of therapeutic zinc oxide.