Vitfoss/Vilofoss presents a new e-product catalogue


Vitfoss/Vilofoss is now ready to roll out a new, digital product catalogue. The product catalogue provides each farmer with rapid access to the entire product range from his/her mobile phone, tablet and computer.

Vitfoss/Vilofoss just launched its new and improved e-product catalogue with a broad range of Vitfoss/Vilofoss products. The products are within Vilofoss’ primary area of expertise: supplementary products, vitamins and minerals for pigs, cattle, poultry, sheep and mink.

Technology that works

The tool is constantly updated with the latest product information. At long last farmers are getting a modern, efficient and up-to-date tool to ease everyday tasks.

Digitisation and customer focus

The new product catalogue is part of DLG’s digitisation process which is among the strategic elements that will characterise the group in future. The efforts by Vitfoss/Vilofoss will provide farmers and their advisers with more professional and efficient service, and the catalogue was developed with the customer in mind.

”The Vitfoss/Vilofoss product catalogue is a big step towards realising our digitisation plan. Our product catalogues have been in use for many years and we are constantly developing and maintaining the tool to keep up with the times and meet our customers’ needs. This development enables us to generate synergies with the solutions already in place and support the group’s bold growth ambitions, and we look forward to seeing how the catalogue is received,” says Kenneth P. Madsen, Marketing Manager for Vitfoss/Vilofoss in Denmark.


Visit the catalog at 

Vilofoss Catalog