Landmix – minerals for suckling pigs and weaners

Mixing feed on the farm is becoming increasingly common in Danish pig farming.

Landmix makes it easy to be an on-farm feed mixer. No special permits are required to use Landmix together with one’s own ingredients such as grain, soya cakes, fats and fish meal.

Flexible types of delivery
Landmix is available in sacks and big bags or as a bulk product delivered in special mineral bins. Bulk delivery provides many new options and advantages. 

Based on the individual herd
Landmix is individually developed for each herd and infuses ready-mix feed with all the required vitamins and micro minerals. In addition, it balances the feed with macro minerals and amino acids. Various additives can also be mixed in.

As a source of inspiration for possible feed solutions, Vitfoss produces a Landmix Catalogue of mineral feed compounds for each feed season.