Products for several groups of animals

Success® and Suplex® ranges

Comprise dry and liquid products containing vitamin and/or mineral supplement.

The Success® products are liquid, concentrated vitamin products meeting a wide range of needs for vitamin supplements depending on the animal species and production process.
Success® products can be administered as follows:

  • Given to the individual animal on top of the feed ration.
  • Please note that the animal must always have access to clean, fresh drinking water.
  • In liquid-feed compounds.

Success® products are not suitable for being mixed with dry feed. In this instance, a dry-vitamin product from the Vitfoss Suplex series should be used.


Acids for weaners and finishers

The effect of organic acids on weaners is particularly well-documented. A positive effect for use in both creep feed and piglet feed from 10 to 30 kg has been demonstrated.

The stomach as a barrier
Acids are divided into inorganic and organic acids Phosphoric acid is an inorganic acid whose use in feed should attract increasing interest, primarily because phosphoric acid is good at lowering pH in the pig’s stomach. Low stomach pH helps to reduce the number of bacteria that pass into the intestinal system. Low stomach pH also helps to enhance protein digestibility, which helps to remove the bacteria’s “bread and butter”.

Combination of acids
We use a combination of acids in Vit-Acid that are optimised based on the knowledge of their effect on pH and harmful bacteria. Vit-Acid is made up of: Phosphoric acid, formic acid, lactic acid, propionic acid and citric acid.


– a new generation of acids
Vit-Acid is a powdered acid. It is made up of a combination of inorganic and organic acids that are placed on a calcium-based carrier in their active state. Therefore, the carrier is a good source of calcium for piglets, as it does not increase the feed’s acid-bonding capacity, which would be the case by using a combination of animal-feed lime and traditional liquid acids.
Vit-Acid contains 70% acid and 22.8% calcium.
The creep-feed dose is 1.5%.


Benzoic acid

Benzoic acid is a crystalline solid acid requiring HACCP registration, if dosed in its pure state. Therefore, it is beneficial to admix benzoic acid into the mineral compound. It is possible to dose up to 30% in the mineral compound (1% in feed compounds) without undermining the vitamin stability.
A great many experiments involving benzoic acid have been carried out to document an improved production economy and reduced bacterial strain (less diarrhoea).