New harvest

Remember to add vitamin E when feeding newly harvested grain.

For the transition to newly harvested grain, it can be a good idea to raise the level of vitamin E, because during the final maturation process, the grain uses more vitamin E as an antioxidant.

Oxidation causes the formation of various substances, such as free radicals and peroxides during the final grain-maturation process after harvest. These highly reactive substances are counteracted by the natural content of antioxidants, the use of which increases, thus reducing the level of vitamin E found in the grain. To avoid the consequences of so-called fresh-grain toxicity – and the fluctuating productivity deriving from this – it is necessary to add extra vitamin E to feed as a preventive measure.

The symptoms of grain toxicity vary, but typically the fastest growing pigs will suddenly die and the autopsy will usually show enlarged/pale heart muscles. However, liver breakdown, abortions and generally poor immune response are also possible symptoms, and will also produce long-term effects such as weaker suckling pigs at farrowing.
Antioxidants are used to avoid the negative effects of freshly harvested grain. Not all antioxidants are equally suitable for counteracting the fresh-grain effect, and you should find out whether you want the antioxidant effect in the feed to counteract oxidation or whether you prefer a more systemic effect inside the pig at cell level. Vitamin E works at cell level and is well-suited for counteracting the fresh-grain effect.

As adding vitamin E can reduce the absorption of vitamin K, Vitfoss provides a vitamin product in the Success series, which combines vitamins E and K.

There is also a product in the Success series containing natural vitamin E for recently weaned piglets, which is the most sensitive group of animals.
As previously, Vitfoss recommends adding extra vitamin E for two or three months after starting to use fresh grain, preferably by increasing the content of vitamin E in the feed, or alternatively as administering high doses three times a week.

Vitfoss provides different solutions. All products can be used without HACCP (mixing permission)

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