Minerals for Young sows/Sows

To achieve a profitable, high level of productivity in the sow unit, it is essential to breed the young sows for a productive life that is as long as possible, and that the sows can achieve the best possible reproduction and give birth to large litters of large piglets. They must also be able to nurse efficiently to ensure easy weaning and strong piglets. 

Vitfoss’ sow products are adapted to all of these conditions and they can be incorporated into mineral compounds. Some are beneficial to use as top dressing.


To adapt the mineral compound to individual herd needs, Vitfoss offers to combine your mineral compound according to your needs and wishes, regardless of whether you feed your pigs a standard compound or use specific compound for each barn unit. 

Vitfoss has developed various concepts adapted to the very high level of Danish productivity, and we also offer to add fibre components, which help to improve sow welfare and productivity.

In addition, Vitfoss provides a standard mineral compound, which can be used as both a standard compound for gestating or nursing sows or specialised gestation/nursing compounds with different mix ratios.