Farrow Pulse

Makes farrowing easier

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Farrow Pulse is a new compound feed for sows before farrowing. It was created by the Vilofoss research team in 2017.

Its main objective is to reduce the number of stillborn piglets by providing a better muscle tonicity in sows. Farrow Pulse has also other interesting properties including an increase in milk production.

The principle of Farrow Pulse is based on a drop in dietary electrolyte balance (dEB) of 100 units by adding calcium chloride.

At farrowing, the sow mobilizes calcium in the blood to strengthen muscle contractions. Calcium is also necessary to start and maintain the milk production. A lack of calcium availability increases the risk of long farrowing duration and reduces the milk production.

A decrease in sow feed dEB of 80 -100 units contributes to stimulate the release of calcium from the bones - compared to gestating feed 5 to 7 days before farrowing.
Furthermore, it decreases the pH of urine and thus reducing the number of bacteria in the urine.

These different effects are contributing to less stillborn piglets.


Benefits of Farrow Pulse:

  • Farrow Pulse makes farrowing easier for sows
  • Less stillborn piglets
  • A better start in lactation
  • A better weaning weight


Results 2017:

French results (Brittany) 2017 - 2500 sows - 6 farms

Farrowpulse Number Of Stillborn Piglets The number of stillborn piglets is halved


Trial on pig farm in Brittany, France
farm with 450 sows
Control Farrow
Number of sows 102 101
Total born per litter 14.8 15.0
Born alive per litter 13.4 14.1
Stillborn per litter 1.4 0.9
Weaning piglets per litter 11.9 12.5


Trial in Denmark Control Farrow
Number of sows 42 42
Born alive per litter 16.8 17.0
Stillborn per litter 2.1 1.5


Weaning weight increased
- farm in France, 2017 - 800 sows:

Farrow Pulse increases the weaning weight of piglets (19 days old) from 5.9-6 kg to 6.5 kg

Farrowpulse Weaning Weight


Wheat, calcium chloride, polymer fibres, asteracae pulp, source of glucose,
magnesium oxide.

Analytical components   
Proteins 2.3% Fat matter 20%
Fibre 2.9% Minerals 23.5%
Lysine 0.1% Calcium 7.3%
Phosphorus 0.1%    



Mixture of flavouring compounds

Instructions for use and packaging

100 g per day/sow from 7-10 days before farrowing (from entrance into farrowing room) to 3 days after farrowing.

Packaging: 25 kg bags, 500 kg or 1000 kg big bags