Feeding strategy for weaners

Weaning is critical for a piglet. Therefore, the choice of creep-feed compound is important for the piglet’s productivity going forward. A suitable creep-feed compound makes sure that the piglets get off to a good start and improves your prospects of good productivity in the piglet unit.

The development of Vitfoss concentrates focuses on achieving the best possible digestibility of the protein fraction and is based on the ideal-protein concept. The ideal protein concept means that all amino acids are ideally balanced in relation to one another and, as none of the eleven essential amino acids is individually restricted, ideal productivity can be expected. .



In 2013, Vitfoss launched a range of concentrates whose fish meal content and blood-plasma options yield excellent results. Based on lessons learned, the compounds were reformulated in 2015, thus enabling us to provide high-value compounds at more attractive prices.

The PrimeConc series is made up of eight compounds for pigs weighing 4–10 kg, divided into three intervals, named

  • PrimeConc Creep (4–6 kg)
  • PrimeConc Creep
  • PrimeConc Creep Plasma
  • Pre (6–8 kg)
  • PrimeConc Pre
  • PrimeConc Pre Plasma
  • PrimeConc Pre Zinc
  • PrimeConc Pre Plasma Zinc
  • Start (8–10 kg)
  • PrimeConc Start
  • PrimeConc Start Zinc

Further details about the concentrates are available in the Landmix Catalogue.