Mineral blocks for poultry

New poultry enrichment material with minerals

Peckstone gives birds an opportunity to satisfy their specific species-related needs and in so doing improving their welfare. At the same time, the peckstone grinds down their beaks while they peck at the block. This minimises injury if the birds peck at one another afterwards. In addition, Peckstone Poultry makes it possible for birds to ingest extra Ca, Mg, Na and micro minerals as well. This supports a healthy metabolism and at the same time strengthens bone structure, plumage and feather formation. Peckstone Wheat and Peckstone Wheat organic contain plenty of whole wheat kernels, which is why the texture is softer. All three products are quality-approved as feed supplements. The block can either be tipped out of the tub and placed on top of it, or placed into a special holder, which can be purchased.

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