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- Eases everyday routines and ensures financial growth

SeoFoss is a slurry additive comprising a carefully selected mixture of special minerals providing an excellent ionexchange effect. The ingredients in SeoFoss have the finest particle sizes in the market, which provides an excellent effect by enlarging the particles’ surface area and enhancing ion exchange. SeoFoss works by exchanging negatively and positively charged ions. This binds the ammonia in the slurry. In doing so, the product serves as a buffer in the slurry and minimises fertilizer leaching. 

The high ion-exchange effect also limits the odour of slurry and in doing so limits the amount of ammonia vapour. SeoFoss also has an excellent effect on the slurry by giving it a more homogeneous mass.


The product has already been tried and tested in several pig herds and cattle herds with excellent results in terms of homogeneity, odour and ammonia-binding qualities. Our product has also been included in SEGES’ nationwide trials in Denmark where SEGES is studying the product’s nitrogenbinding properties and seeing whether it can increase crop yield per hectare.

The particle surface area of SeoFoss is larger than other products, which improves the homogenisation effect.


  • Seofoss SpandEasy and secure handling of slurry
  • Better homogeneity
  • Binds N
  • Reduces smell
  • Easy to use
  • Floating crust on slurry tanks
  • Facilitates work processes


Why use SeoFoss®

There are many good reasons for using SeoFoss. You are going to obtain up to 1.4 kg more total N in the slurry by using SeoFoss all year round in the animal housing. SeoFoss makes the slurry more homogeneous and thus providing a better flow in the channels. The smell is also markedly reduced, because ammonia is bound to the slurry. Furthermore the slurry is much easier to handle, which provides labour savings.

  • SeoFoss binds nitrogen in the slurry and thus providing a better fertilizer value
  • SeoFoss makes the slurry more homogeneous and the crops are therefore supplied with a consistent slurry
  • SeoFoss reduces odour nuisances by binding nitrogen to the slurry. This results in a better environment outdoor as well as indoor for the benefit of both animals and humans
  • SeoFoss provides labour savings

Start now and make money on your slurry

Start dosing SeoFoss in your housing unit and ammonia will soon start binding to the slurry. In this way a perfect flow in the channels is ensured, as well as easier handling of the slurry tank and last but not least; more nitrogen for your crops.


Test Results

The illustrations below show the results from slurry analysis from both piglet slurry and sow slurry.

The blue columns show analysis of the slurry before adding and the green columns show the analysis results 21 days after adding of SeoFoss.

Test With SowsForsøg


The conclusion of the illustrations above shows an extra content of up 1.4 kg extra total N and 700 g extra ammonium nitrate.



Use in housings

The amount of SeoFoss to dispense is 20 g per m³ slurry.

Calculating the application volume:

Storage volume (including slurry channels and pipes) [m³] x 20 g SeoFoss

Application of SeoFoss: Full channels/tanks:

Dissolve the calculated volume of SeoFoss in ample water and spread it over the slatted floor and/or put SeoFoss into the slurry tank. Mix thoroughly; the slurry tank should be stirred at 4 different points

Empty channels/tanks:

Dissolve the calculated volume of SeoFoss in ample water and spread it over the slatted floor and/or put SeoFoss into the slurry tank. Distribution will be effected automatically as a result of the inflow of slurry.


Quantity of water for dissolution: for every 1-4 kg SeoFoss, use 10 litres of water. Before applying onto fields, give the slurry a single, thorough stir. After slurry has been drawn off, a fresh dose will be necessary.

Use in biogas plants

Daily application: use 20 g Seofoss per m3 biomass in the pretank.


Advising and Start-up

If you require further advice about the product, assistance with start-up or if you have other questions in connection with SeoFoss you are welcome to contact our special consultant Jesper Jacobsen by mobile or by email.

Jesper is always available with good advice. He has a past in primary agriculture and has worked with sales and advising of slurry additives for several years.


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